80% CBD Wax (GSC) - from The Goods, purchased from HempElf. Review in comments ✌️

International flower orders seem too sketchy to me. I was seriously considering it (bealeafers price to quality ratio looks insane) but saw a couple of posts about people who had their stuff seized and got love letters so decided against it.

I was just on Extract Labs website earlier, they're running some deals at the moment that make it even cheaper than purchasing from the UK than it already is. Again, I just wasn't too sure of the risk/legality of the situation is all. My understanding is the US THC limit is up to 0.3mg whereas the UK is 0.2mg, so technically as it's full spectrum it could be stopped at the border and classed as illegal. The price difference I see from US to UK in my opinion is to account for the risk in importing these products. I think the risk with a small amount of concentrate is much lower than flower for obvious reasons. For my peace of mind it's worth paying the extra and knowing that whatever I'm getting is already in the UK and basically zero risk but I could easily make the argument with concentrates for buying direct from Colorado or wherever.

Do update us if you decide to purchase any concentrates direct form US manufacturers and let us know how it goes for you. Don't think I've seen any posts of people doing that yet so would be interested in how it works out.

I've tried quote a lot of full/broad spectrum and isolate concentrates. I loved the full spec terp sauce from Chakra Xtracts (bought from Jimmy's greens but think they're sold out now), also tried Chakras terpslab isolate which weren't quite as effective but still tasty. Highkind that you've mentioned elsewhere (I used to know them as synergy) make some excellent extracts, I've tried their diamonds and sauce as well as their crumble - both excellent but not quite as good as the US offerings (think they're broad spec but not sure). Also recommend their vape oils if your into that but not quite as hard hitting as the concentrates. Then there's a bunch of more miscellaneous isolate or broad spec stuff like The Goods that's quite popular and some more from a while ago that I don't remember the names of. Once I found the imported full spec extracts in the UK I moved away from the isolated and broad spectrum stuff barring highkind which seems very close to full spec for me.

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