82% (!!!) rate of spontaneous abortion < 20wks for pregnant women who take COVID vaccine?! Is it really true? Full analysis and sources - please tell me I'm missing something...

Please help me understand what you're trying to say.

Completed pregnancy includes spontaneous abortions and stillbirths. This is made evident by the heading "Pregnancy loss among participants with a competed pregnancy".

For this study, they took a sample of pregnant women who received the vaccine within a certain time frame and who reported a completed pregnancy.

They then calculated what percentage of those completed pregnancies were actually spontaneous abortions before 20 weeks. They calculated 12.6%, and they are correct. HOWEVER, 700/827 of these women did not receive the vaccine until the third trimester, well after twenty weeks.

So the 12.6% would be correct if there were no other variables and you just wanted to know how many pregnancies from this group of 827 women resulted in spontaneous abortion before 20 weeks.

But if you want to include the variable of the COVID vaccine, then of course only the women who received the COVID vaccine before 20 weeks should be included when calculating the spontaneous abortion rate before 20 weeks. Does this make sense? Please respond directly to this assertion of mine.

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