83 percent of Bay Area renters plan to leave, says survey

Theres no way I could live on 60k and save to buy a home.

I pretty much only spend money to watch my earthquakes play. I stopped going to bars and clubs, stopped eating out, I invest and save most of my money, I moved to a cheaper rental in a shittier neighborhood, got out of my expensive car lease and bought a cheap miata and I still can not save enough money.

I do not want to get married but it seems the only way I can afford a home is if I had a wife who makes 75k+, so after thinking about it for a really long time I decided I have to leave my home town. Rest of my family has already been priced out it was inevitable I would be too. I am leaving my job, in January to work for a great organization in DC and Korea for 18mo. After that I am going to move somehwere cheaper my short list right now is Sacramento, Phoenix, Nashville, and Jacksonville. I want to be near a city that will have a MLS soccer team in the future (i plan on working in sports in the future) and in a city with high paying jobs (in my current field) and where the housing market is growing.

It'll be a sad day for me when I leave, you can trace my families history in the Bay Area back to the early 1900s. After I leave there wont be anyone in my family left in the Bay.

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