84% of Women Failing ACFT (Army Combat Fitness Test)

The percentage of women that passed is most likely rigged. They were either a hand-picked unit that trained really hard or they were given some leeway in terms of weight lifted/form/range of motion.

The 1982 data indicate an average lifting capacity for women soldiers of 66 pounds, versus 119 for men (80 percent higher). The difference in lifting capacity is especially critical at around 100–120 pounds. An Air Force test for lifting 110 pounds was passed by 68 percent of men and 1 percent of women.


A similar number of men passed in the both the ACFT deadlift and the 1982 study, yet the number of women that passed increased by 1600%. The average strength difference between men and women is 3 standard deviations. The numbers don't add up.

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