85K raised for Washington florist who refused gay couple

Black guy here. Can you stop using us as a shield for homosexuality? Not saying it's wrong to be gay, but get some better arguments than equating fucking flowers and cakes to segregation and slavery.

"you can't use historical precedence for why allowing businesses to discriminate is bad because we had it worse"

what the blueberry fuck

Also, no one is refusing service to gays.

85K raised for Washington florist who refused gay couple (msn.com)

this thread is LITERALLY about an example about it holy shit


like shit you got the fucking internet in front of you and you choose to be ignorant

If a Japanese person enters my shop and requests a cake celebrating Pearl Harbor, and I don't make it, am I refusing service based on race? i'm refusing to make a particular item

i dont understand how this is at all equatable to someone wanting two groom statue things on the top of their cake? did you seriously just compare refusing to put a bloody battlefield on cake to that? holy false equivalencies, bat man! it's not like these guys are going into a bakery and asking for a bunch of cocks spraying giant loads or something (to my knowledge).

and it's literally within your legal and IMO moral right to refuse to make war themed cakes because war is not a protected class

Same deal with the gay wedding stuff.

no they're literally being refused because they're gay and the Christians themselves have said they don't want to be associated with that lifestyle or w.e

Most gays will not even experience an issue with their wedding unless they specifically target a Christian business.

it's not really that hard to "target" a Christian business given Christians make up 75% of the population. not that this really matters if they were 'targeted' or not? i don't really see how that makes a difference

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