90s kids won't get this . . .

SS gets it's money from a specific place (SS tax on your paystub) and goes to current SS recipients. "older generations" can't spend SS money on wars.

Treating SS as part of the general budget allows SS money to be "borrowed" for other pet projects. The money is supposed to be there- but whether it actually is or not is open to debate. The "older generations" (going back to Johnson) are the ones who changed the interpretation of the SS fund.

SS benefits are based on what your salary was before getting SS. There is a cap to that which corresponds to the $118,500 cap. Take those caps away and the people that pay more in will get more out in the end so the problem stays.

The point was that we remove the caps but constrain the payouts. Perhaps more than current levels- but less than linear growth- allowing the shortfalls to be met.

Also, why would SS go away?

Where did I say it would? I'm simply explaining why some people feel the way they do. I'm old enough that it's not going to bother me one way or the other.

SS can't go bankrupt, since they have a constant inflow of money (current SS from everyone's paycheck).

If that were actually the case- then why is there always concern that Social Security checks won't go out when congress refuses to raise the debt ceiling. The answer is because of the unified budget.

The fact that there a lot of boomers using the current SS benefits doesn't really change what you will get in the future, you will be paid by the generation younger than you.

I didn't say their use was the problem. I implied that their lack of action (refusal to raise taxes because they'd be affected, refuse to raise the caps because they'd be affected, and refusal to properly separate and invest SS funds) are the problem.

Before bitching about a problem you should learn about it.

Fuck you. Seriously- what the fuck is it with redditors and their high horses? I was explaining why people feel the way they do. You not only misinterpreted my words, but then mis-attributed them as my opinions on the subject.

Before bitching about another user- you should make even the slightest effort to ascertain what they're actually saying.

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