97 out of every 100 rapists receive no punishment

"This staggering statistic sends a clear message to offenders that they can commit this horrible crime and get away with it. The single most important thing we can do to prevent rape is to put more rapists in prison,"

Well kind of. Isn't rape supposedly trivialized and not taken seriously in society as a whole? Who ever knew of this statistic before it was jammed into their ears in college by people quoting this very site.

46 get reported to the police

That explains why 54% don't then. I'm skeptical on that part as a whole because of past studies where attempted rape, and even sexual assaults that weren't considered to be rape by the women themselves, was grouped as "rape".

12 Lead to an arrest, 9 Get prosecuted, 5 Lead to a felony conviction, 3 Rapists will spend even a single day in prison

At every stage, there are plenty of reasons why the accused rapist would get out without deserving of the charges originally placed on them or being found guilty. This article starts with the assumption that every man originally accused of said rapes here where the ones indeed involved in the crime, regardless of whether they were acquitted of their charges legitimately. Not to mention the changing of the definition, starting with "100 rapes", and then "97 [rapists] will walk free", implying then that for every 100 rapes it's 100 individual people committing them. You can't have that assumption while simultaneously stating "The single most important thing we can do to prevent rape is to put more rapists in prison" if there's not rabid repeat offenders out there.

Props to RAINN for rejection of the concept of rape culture, but I still don't trust their statistics at all.

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