why 99 percent of guys don't approach women

This has been my approach going on 10 years. I realized that women pick their men and as a guy, chasing women you like is basically pointless. No matter how hard you try, you generally cannot change a woman's mind who doesn't immediately like you into someone willing to date you.

So I just go out into the world and wait for a woman to give me a sign. And if you're good at spotting them, it happens semi-frequently. Maybe once a month or two. The key then is taking advantage of the moment. Girl locks eyes with you? Smile back. Go and talk to her. Girl laughs a little too much at your joke at a social event? Strike up a conversation. Girls DO make it apparent that they like you. And you have to be ready to see it and swoop in.

Haven't been lonely in a long time once I learned how to spot signals and talk to women (that's the actual hard part) and keep them interested.

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