9th Grader Asking for Future Life Advice

As someone said, keep your options open. as an undecided sophomore, I changed my mind numerous times! Just do your research about majors and careers. Choose something you're good at . Something you see yourself doing. I started college with petroleum engineering in mind, but After I did some serious research, I decided it was not for me, although it pays very well. I then was thinking about computer science, but after taking my first programming class and doing my research.. It wasn't for me. I was also thinking about becoming a dentist, but tuition and long schooling as well as difficultly of learning and competition drove me away from it. I then I was thinking about civil engineering, I'm good at math and everything and I like working outside, but I honestly didn't see myself constructing buildings and bridges and stuff. Then I took chemistry, I liked chemistry in high school, but college Chem was much tougher, ended up with a C+ in chem1. But I procrastinated a lot, so.. I took Chem 2 and I was serious this time, 1 month into the new term, I had two ideas in mined: a nurse or a chem teacher. I went to the hospital when a relative got sick and talked to nurses their, they described what they were doing, I liked it, but not very much. I made up my mind and decided to major in Chem-secondary education. I honestly was thinking about becoming a teacher since I was in 7th grade. I know the pay is not a lot, but it's something That'd provide me with a salary and it's something I see myself doing. Soon I'm going to take the certification exams and I'm hoping to ace all of them lol. (Oh, I got an A+ in Chem2)

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