The A-Frame's immaculate conception: John Smith's white whale or red herring?

First, John Smith has absolutely nothing to do with this. Secondly, Fred discusses the A Frame and how it came to be viewed with suspicion in his interview with Erinn Larkin on the 107 degrees podcast. In addition to the brother, several locals, including people who know Claude personally, have accused him of being involved. He’s not a suspect. Isn’t worth discussing. The A Frame and Maura Murray have no connection whatsoever. Much of the speculation around Claude is due to his alleged history of domestic violence and being a not so nice person. Although I’m beginning to think all the rumors about him are bull shit. The League of Investigators searched the property at the request of Fred Murray. LE was not involved. Had nothing to do with LE. It was considered worth doing at that time because of the rumors. There is no mystery with the A Frame. 100% Fiction.

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