Saya Kamitani finally confirms who was the second mystery woman from over a year ago

So I'll do this point by point to make it easier.

Saya Kamitani accidentally spoiled Takumi Iroha's appearance in the 2021 5 Star GP, so after that they ran with a gimmick in which she couldn't keep a secret.

Before Kairi's return to Stardom the company was running promos about an unknown woman showing up in the promotion.

Saya Kamitani happened to crash a meeting between Rossy and the unknown woman and discovered her identity. Since Saya couldn't keep a secret she told almost everyone on the roster who the woman was.

Kairi's return to the promotion was revealed in a press conference and later in the day Stardom posted a video in which Saya discovered another mystery woman.

Saya discovering the 2nd mystery woman amounted to nothing, no one new showed up and the story was completely dropped.

Now apparently Saya is saying the second mystery woman was Saori Anou.

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