I Abandoned My Husband And Disabled Children, Moved Countries And Changed My Identity

If this is true you’re the epitome of a worthless piece of shit, and if it’s false you’re just as much of a piece of shit for making this disgusting story up and insinuating that it’s ok. You’ve justified the suffering of everybody around you based on your own impulsive feelings and false sense of security and “happiness”?

Its people like you that make me think bringing human life into this world should be humanely regulated. Self serving piece of shit. Your “donations” will never be an adequate substitute.

It surely would’ve been better for everyone ever even remotely involved in your life if you were simply never born.

Edit - a worthless piece of shit is just worthless, you’re worse than worthless because worthless could imply neutral/zero, you’re lower than zero, you’re an anchor and burden on everyone you’ve ever pretended to love.

Im not a spiteful person but I hope you spend your final years in empty suffering, alone just as you’ve caused so much suffering and emptiness.

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