ABC just called the Senate race for Braun

There are people on the left who've called for complete open borders. This was even an issue with the Libertarian party a decade or longer ago. I'm for strict border control and worrying about the people here, on our soil, now. We've got to stop importing more problems and focus on issues here. As a person who leans right, I'm OK with no having as many military aircraft carriers, but I also don't want to just continue to allow thousands upon thousands of people, who will need all sorts of social welfare programs, to drain the system even more than it is. I want all those savings to go towards K-12 school, higher education reform (including cutting top wages, changing the concept of tenure, etc.) to help reduce the cost, etc..

Tell me, if we continue to grow via any sort of immigration, illegal or otherwise, how much are you willing to pay additionally out of your weekly pay to deal with the costs of just letting whomever in? I see a lot of my liberal friends claim we should let them in, yet none of them ever post anything about wanting to pay higher taxes to pay for what these new citizens will cost. More ER diversions, fewer hospital beds. So we will need more hospitals, more doctors, more nurses, etc.. Larger classroom sizes so more schools, more teachers and admins. Likely higher crime rates (low income is said to be directly coordinated to higher crime rates. I don't see a bunch of wealthy people in the migrant caravan) meaning we need more police, prosecutors, public defenders, judges, jail space, jail guards, and probation officers. Who is stepping up to pay for all this? I guess we could just add it all to the current debt, it isn't sustainable as it stands now anyway. What's another few trillion added on to it? Lets make it a goal to hit $50,000,000,000,000 in debt before 2020!

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