Abilities and augments need a second look before it's too late.

Another thing I want to discuss about augments. What should an augment be? Going by DE's guideline posted on the design council when they asked they want augments to offer a unique mechanic, not act like another skill, not be a straight buff, fit the theme of a frame, and work in a situation which this frame could not do otherwise.

This is all from memory as I'm not in the DC but this should be what was posted.

Let's take a look at some abilities shall we? first, and bigges out, irradiating disarm.

Does it add a new mechanic? I suppose that's kind of subjective on what you feel a new mechanic is. Proccing radiation is not new to me though.

Does it act like another ability? Hell yes it does. It's basically chaos at this point and to most people outshadows nyx.

Is it just some kind of buff? Nope. It definitely adds something to the skill and isn't just some stat boost.

Does it fit the theme? Does it? I mean, loki is a stealth trickster kind of character. I don't think sending a whole room into a fistcuffs fit of rage on one another fits at all.

I feel I can just stop here with this augment. Let's try swing line.

Does it add a new mechanic? I guess. Again, depends what you feel a new mechanic is. To me it's still just ripline.

Does it act like another ability? No. Because it barely changed.

Is it just some kind of buff? Actually, yeah. it basically is a zero cost ripline and nothing more. I guess you could count that small bump in the air when you use it more than just a buff but considering it used to work on ripline in general prior to this mod I wouldn't call it anything new.

Fit the theme? Well again, barely changed anything so I guess it does still.

Does it allow for a frame to fit in situations it didn't previously? Not really. What you could do now with this could be done when valkyr came out only for a longer period of time.

Honestly, I can just stop there because you get the idea. Not only do some of these augments lack compared to others, but they are all over the place in terms of what they are and don't follow the guidelines DE themselves tried to use. I'm fine with them not following these specific guide lines even if i feel they are pretty fair guidelines looking at some skills like irradiating disarm but it begs the question, what standards should augments adhere to?

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