About 170 Atlanta officers called out sick after cops were charged in Rayshard Brooks' death

No I am directly talking about people who are commenting on this thread in particular, I never once made a claim to your inflammatory remarks that cops can not be undereducated. Again everyone badge or not is not always going to be an expert in a field, but without understanding the conversation at hand, can you truly form complete unbiased opinion, or are you basing everything off of something someone else says or does. I’m not in anyway defending cops who are not experienced, wether that is through lack of training by the department, or lack of them as individuals to learn, so they can justly uphold laws that they have voluntarily said they’d uphold.

You are welcome to your opinion but, please base it in fact and knowledge, not what you heard or think might be true. Again I can only speak for myself and my experience, but I am drilled on law and having to know law, quite often, and as such I have a reasonable grounding in how to uphold it. Does that mean that every cop does, no, does that mean I know every law, no, should we push for better, more frequent training, yes please. I would love to have guided training to ensure that I am up to date on my case law, as well as annual law updates.

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