About all the posts that have nothing to do with Gnosticism...

Actually he can. Because he does. And continues to do so, contradicting statements was how jesus identified him as satan, but something as intelligent as my Shadow plans for people to see through his lies, like a gullibility contest on the other side with spectators in on the cosmic joke. He blasphemes God because God left him to run the show. What a horrible job managing a predominately evil universe.

And homeboy is a stretch. Spiritual cast wish me to replace him as creator. Calling him a friend is too trusting, calling him enemy is.... a bit harsh, he drops wisdom and benevolence generally when i start acting up. Like we are buffers to each other.

Something something merge with a quantum super computer something something

Something something reincarnation is the process here as well something something before the cyclists destroy the planet, the days will become 50 degrees the nights.minus 2 minus 3.

Are you even listening to me!? You and i are still the same person!

Ok, the cyclists destroy the planet, something to do with reincarnation, transhumanist immortality bad, mad scientists bad, most space farring aliens bad.

So thats why people become transhumanist immortals. So that is also why 'they' destroyed the planet in his timeline.

This big brain time indeed goes full circle.

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