About city of Aachen

I, however, remain unsurprised by the tendency of Germans in particular to interpret any comment not glowing with praise as some sort of insult.

I'm not actually German, I've just lived here for several years. But I'll take your comment as a testament to how well-integrated I (apparently) am into German society. I wonder in the Ausländerbehörde will accept your comment in lieu of me taking the Integrationskurs...

I didn't intend my comment to be a rebuke to yours, although re-reading it I can see why you may have taken it that way. I just wanted to provide a couple of counterpoints. I certainly could have worded my reply better. I have lived in a few villages and cities in Germany (as well as in England), and my experience with the locals in Aachen have been the best by far.

I am aware of your work and I enjoy your videos very much. That my be a reason for my knee-jerk reaction to your post.

As for your experiences filming in Aachen, I have no explanation other than that you may have encountered those Deutschesprachige Gemeinde Belgians. They are an uncouth lot.

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