About Kaguya

I mean that is introducing the identity of Madara, is it not? Then you get the Tobi, "The power of the Sharingan belongs to me, Madara Uchiha!". Then we learn about his mythos as time goes on. Everyone thinks he's dead, he's a legendary ninja, he was the only person able to fight equally against Hashirama, etc.

Also edo tensei was a thing since the Konoha crush arc. Then later during Pain the villagers are brought back to life, although that takes place a good while after the Sasuke-Kurama moment.

Moreover, they kind of did show Sasuke going down the path of Madara, you know wanting to destory the village, the whole Naruto-Sasuke and Hashirama-Madara reincarnation stuff.

That does not necessarily mean Madara was brought back to life

Except you know, like 2 or 3 arcs later Tobi says he's Madara Uchiha. I really don't understand the argument you're trying to make here? We don't have to pretend this is chapter 300 and Madara's name has been spoken for the first time. The Manga is finished, we can look back at all the setup Madara got, and then all the setup Kaguya got. It's pretty obvious Madara had been built up for far longer.

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