So about Lifeweb

holy shit

i play lifeweb a lot, i love this game, and i happen to know a lot about it. KILLING CHILDREN TO 'MAINTAIN HEALTH' OR 'LEVEL UP' DOESNT FUCKING EXIST YOU IDIOT. you sound just as ridiculous as every idiot mother (like yourself) who thinks that call of duty makes kids want to shoot people. newsflash, shitsock, it doesnt. you know NOTHING about what you're talking about, and instead of actually reading up, you spread misinformation to guilt and belittle others for playing a game you think is "morally wrong". all it does it solidify the fact that you are an idiot, and its no wonder you were removed from the .txt. you should never have been there to begin with.

you know what you sound like?

this woman. that's how fucking stupid you sound. you dont seem to understand the concepts of:

  1. video games not being real life


  1. people not actually agreeing with the actions of their video game characters.

you remember the part in bioshock infinite where you can choose to throw a ball at the interracial couple? its an easy moral decision. almost everyone says "no." im going to go out on a limb and say that the people who tried to do it did it just to see what would happen. the fact that the game doesnt actually let you do it doesnt matter, because the choice is easy. its the same in lifeweb. child rape is an easy moral decision. almost everyone says "no." the people that do are pretty much entirely shitters like Dawn of Man who do it because they think its hilarious, and not because they actually want to diddle kids.

seriously, how likely do you ACTUALLY THINK that it is that a large group of people, mostly 25 and under, from various ss13 communities, want to fuck children? do you really think that there are THAT many closet pedos in the ss13 crowd as a whole? really?

as others have told so many times, nobody in the game condones child rape, molestation, abuse, etc. these things are frowned upon to do even to adults. the perpetrators of these acts are almost always killed and put somewhere so they cannot respawn.

if theres one redeeming point in your argument, its that it means i wont have to play on the same server as you.

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