Was about to be mugged?

The only thing that I can think of is:

There is a marked difference in driving and parking styles from Southern California to Northern California.

In Southern California people drive fast but they don't change lanes as much as here and they don't do radical things to park usually. They tend to queue up more with less swerving and speed to get what they want. They park close, but not within arms reach of some place.

In Northern California they cut you off, change lanes, swerve, park anywhere they want including on the wrong side of the street, and swerve in front of you to park. They try to get as close as anything to their door, work, or locker, like three steps away close.

Also, Southern Californians say, "The 101" whereas Northern Californians say, "101."

If you are going to be here, you are going to have to accept it, because it doesn't get any different, and use just "101" or get harassed for it.

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