About the rise of bisexual women.....

Read Page 100 to 105 of "Bodies and Pleasures : Focault and the Politics of Sexual Normalization" by Ladelle McWhorter .

Science already proved that most women are bisexual . Whatever reason women say to prove it isnt true like saying that checking out a women is to compare the woman's smv with her own and everything & not ogling or imagining sex with the woman , seems only true for a part of the women population of the world , otherwise their wouldnt have been lesbians , would there ?

Women are inherently bisexual, from teenage days itself . When a girl sees a woman hotter than her , she will feel subconciously that the woman's dominating over her & it may or maynot arise to a sexual desire just like women submit to a dominant male figure and has sex with him .

There are girls (bisexual) who have sex for sex's sake (the physical part of sex mostly), while have sex with men purely for the want of attention. I have seen many Red Pillers saying that women love the feel of a man's cock filling her Vagina and its true , they must like it . But eqaully so , I have seen/heard about women who have sex with other women and were able to orgasm and quite quickly too by Clitoral stimulation alone , while the same women or many other women werent able to orgasm even after a deep pounding of several minutes .

Ofcourse , women's sexuality might change many different times . Or they could at one time enjoy or orgasm far better when having sex with a man and at other times , have better sex with a woman than a man . And ofcourse , the sexual experience of the partner (male/female) and even the circumstances and the surroundings matter too .

Also , have you ever wondered why mff threesome is more prevalent than mmf threesome? . Just making a correlation , not a causation .

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