About to start my first aquarium, some last minute questions/decisions [Long]

The suckerfish need is easy. Just get like 4-5 otocinclus. They are easily one of the must adorable fish on earth. They like the precariously balance on leaves and in general looks cute and funny. The reason I recommend 4-5 is because they are social, I wouldn't go below 3 if you had to.

As far as plecos for a 20L, no. Nope. Not that I know of. Plecos are the most boring loved fish ever. They hide 99% of the time and lay around if they are out.

Taking care of plants is easy as hell, I'll be honest. Fighting algae is not easy. If you decide to keep the fugeray I would advise at least getting eco complete and placing root tabs and setting up DIY CO2. Here is my method for CO2. Doing this and observing the results will give you ideas for moving forward. Also the cool thing about having a fugeray is that you can grow a carpeting plant. You also really aren't restricted on what plants you can can't have. Almost all plants will do well in your tank, even java moss/fern and anubias (as long as you put them under another plant). Rotala, crypts, moneywort, etc will all do fine. Just google around. Everything there is to know about all this is online. And you'll find that there is no right answer to many things and there are tons of different methods that do work.

For the most part you just observe your plants and algae trends over time and make adjustments accordingly. High light means you need high nutrients and CO2. Medium means meadium nutrients and co2. Low is low. Basically, any imbalance in your lights ratio to nutrients and CO2 results in algae. This is why higher light setups must have fertilizers and CO2 to avoid algae. This is why estimative index fertilizer dosing works. Also proper circulation and CO2 beats most algae.

You could go with flourish excel but IMO that seems annoying to do all the time and expensive. Pressurized CO2 is expensive as hell but superior. And DIY, if you do it right and don't get leaks, is the best bang for the buck. My 30 gal runs on that setup I linked you above with no issues. All I do is cut plants and dose flourish comprehensive and potassium and phosphate weekly with root tabs every 3-4 months.

Anyway I hope this helps, this was a crash course on stuff and I'm sure others will have a lot to add. Also google, reddit.com/r/aquariums, reddit.com/r/plantedtank, have 99% of your answers.

P.S. Moonlights are overrated and tacky. Also, I'm not sure how the fish really like it anyway... :)

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