Absolute creep approaches teenager while on live

A convicted sex offenders because he didn't know how to act due to inexperience. See, it's fucking pointless to link literally anything on Reddit because "it's just sensationalised" and similar answers are the default response. It goes against your narrative so you reject it, just say how it is.

I'm growing tired of le enlightened Redditor knowing who's a rapist from a 30 second interaction so I'll just say it again: innocent, harmless people get judged and convicted to "protect women" who were never in danger in the first place. Redditors will immediately swarm to her defense, again, to protect a person that was never in any danger. Keep living in you vigilante-ridden bubble of bullshit, I hope you trip near a girl one day and get imprisoned for ten years because you were clearly leaping at her like the animal you are.

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