Absolute idiocy at Forrest Chase (sorry for poor pic quality)

No one was a cunt to you.

Yes, they were... But I don't really give a fuck about your opinion

You seemed to be under the impression that the government was censoring vaccine ingredients.

I was under the impression that a public demonstration would have to have a permit specifically and that this would at least imply that some degree less than 100% of their signs were not demonstrably false.

I know what's in a fucking general MMR or flue fucking vaccine. I know how to use fucking Google. I've answered this very fucking response numerous times now. Fuck off. I don't need your bitch ass telling me that general immunology info is on the internet, I know how the fucking cunt works.

The specific question was, at least to the very first comment that replied to me - is the government actually trying to censor information, or were literally all of the signs a blatant and intentional lie?

You seemed to be

Yes, exactly. I seemed to be some way. Perth is a regressive fucking echo chamber shithole and as soon as someone seems to venture very slighly outside of the zone of sanctioned thoughts or even dares ask a question, they get a barrage of hatred, negativity and retards, like yourself. It's a very frustrating experience, like talking to a brick wall.

Then you responded very aggressively.

Yes, if someone is rude to me, I am rude back. This is exactly 100% how everyone treats me if I am rude to them for no motivation, which is reasonably rare. You're acting as though I didn't accurately predict the barrage of morons such as yourself.

What's the problem?

People like you. People who can't fucking read or actively choose not to and who force me through the misery of being subjected to interactions with you just because it seems for a split second that I'm not a mindless zombie that fits in your echo-chamber squad and because I dared to ask a question.

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