Absolute must-haves?

I'll tell you what I have been doing lately and I apologize if this is too graphic. I just want to state that it is certainly not my intention to be gross or intentionally offensive with talk of my body parts I promise you...also this my be normal to talk about here but I am new to this sub and I prefer not to cross any lines if i can help it, so please, if anything I say is offensive, tell me. Outside of my wife and the occasional doctor I've never really talked about this much

First off let me state that I have been dealing with HS since I was about 21 or 22 (I'm now 44) and was officially diagnosed with it by a dermatologist about 15 years ago. I have gone through some rough years (oh the lancing & stuffing of so much gauze, yikes! The painful tunnels/trails, I've had & seen it all) and some lean years with my 2017 and a lot 2018 being better years than I've had in a long, long, time. I have always had them between my legs, it started with the Perineum area (the Gooch or famously the ABC), my butt, inside my upper thighs, along what I guess is called the V area (haven't had them there in a long time) but the last 10 or 12 years it's been mostly right between my upper inner thigh & scrote (again, sorry, correct me if I am wrong, please, I wanna stay) like half on one and half on the other or the same at the rear base of the scrote and the upper most part of the Perineum and just here recently, probably starting about three years ago...my damn armpits.

Now, unfortunately since the beginning of October this year I have been having flare ups almost every other week which I think is partly due to stress as I am out of work after being with the same company since I was 17 and I need to find a job like yesterday. I have been unemployed for about a year and a half and I believe when i quit my job in June of 2017 alleviating the stress that was my job is what led me to having a decent 2017, I also quit smoking as well as losing some weight (240 down to about 210 and still going, I'm 5' 11") but here we are at the end of 2018 and it's now kinda backfired on me...when/why I quit my job and why I've stayed unemployed for so long is an odd & interesting story in itself I'll probably end up blabbing about on here one day when talking about my HS experience, but anyways...onward

So this is something I only did during flare ups but am doing all the time now, flare up or not. Simply put, I have been taking toilet paper about 2 feet in length, folding it once, and then wrapping it around my ball/penis area in that it is like a ball/penis sheath and then tucking it in at the top to keep it in place. This has done wonders for me and I wish there was a way for me to do more research/development on the mechanics of this and invent something that is of use for men with HS (because of course, it's TP, unfortunately I don't think my solution would work well for women which sucks because for fucks sake...we are all suffering from this) because it has really helped me, at least for now (because as we all know there is nothing predictable about HS and what works now may not work tomorrow)

My doctor also prescribed me 150mgs of "Clindamycin" at a time to take at the onset of any episode and since i started taking the "Clindanycin" the duration from pressure/bump to draining then closing has been reduced to sometimes only 24 hours (48 max) which is incredibly pleasing. I have been used to just days & days of pressure and then days & days of draining and as well all know, that shit sucks and it goes on for far to long!

I have a wealth of experience with this bullshit (sadly) so I look forward to helping others the best I can with any info I can add as well as learning new ways to cope and I do apologize for this long ass post, I just had to get it out of me

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