Is this abusive?

Sometimes when we get so involved with someone we can no longer see the flaws and clear toxic personality traits that they push upon us. We tell ourselves "But I've known them for so long" or "they're not always bad" If you keep letting these people chip away at your life then you wont have anything when they've scrapped away too much. You say in your post "these small things" sure they may seem small on their own but combined its putting a lot of damage on you. So much so that you have to question if you are in an abusive relationship. Which my answer is Yes, none of the things you listed should be occurrences you have to deal with on a daily basis. He is your boyfriend, your partner. You should be working together to make each other feel better, make each other stronger. He should be your escape from all the other crap you have to deal with in life, no be one of the things. Break up with him or don't, that's up to you, strangers on Reddit can not tell you what to do with your life, but OP you have to know that you deserve more than a man constantly belittling you.

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