Hope is definitely gone. However, if it helps, most of your other emotions eventually die off too. Desire, happiness, humor, grief, contempt, disgust. Anger seems to be sticking around pretty well. Still afraid, somewhat. But not in a downward spiral yet either. (Yep, this is me on a fucking high!)

Going on twenty years, here. Cymbalta, Latuda, Lithium, Prozac. Been on a million others. Lithium robs me of my creativity. Latuda narrows my emotional spectrum so far that I'm basically a robot. Prozac just makes me tired. Because, you know, I'm not tired enough already. Oh, and I'm diabetic (type 1) too, so you can add two insulins and a few more pills to my load.

But I have accepted it. Work, sleep, work, sleep. Being locked up is worse, for me. So I just keep going.

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