I accidentally saw child pron and have no idea how cope

the local police? there is no longer any direct telephone numbers for reporting crimes, and if you were to speak to them regarding anything serious, you could either expect them to just shrug or take what you say as serious and they will visit your house about 6 months later at 7am and confiscate every thing computer related you own, and then they would also take your work computer and tell your boss in the most unflatering way.

sadly thats how shit the police can be in the UK.

a distant family elderly member died, their siblings called the police when cleaning out their house to say they'd found a rifle, an undocumented one with ammo (which is off the scale illegal in the UK), instead of saying 'ohh are you able to bring it to us or do you want us to collect it?' they sent a bunch of armed coppers round who closed the street off as well as a helicopter.

thats how badly they handle serious things.

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