Accidentally sent interact to wrong email. They accepted.

I just want to add one last comment on this thread. The OP came to this /r to ask for help, knowing full well they screwed up and had been robbed. That took courage and clearly the OP thought folks in the forum would actually help.

More the OP did us all a service by bringing this issue into the light for discussion.

Most comments were either attempts at help or discursive on the issue.

But quite a few of the comments were condescending, shaming and generally unhelpful. Some simply blamed the OP. In other words, many blamed the victim.

Yeah, I know its the Internet, but how would that fly in another forum, like /r/twoxchromosomes when an OP says "I made a mistake and am now a victim, please help me"?

So to those of you who offered some support or well intended advice to the OP, thank you. :-)

To those who used this as a chance to throw shit pies: think about how you might feel in the OP's position. Please.

For all, this is a serious problem that I would bet none of us considered fully, before the post. It needs further discussion and investigation. Something Reddit is great at.

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