According to some Leicester fans this was his worst season too.

Roughly half of that would be offset by selling Emerson though, and we need another left-back to fill that space. I don't really see any better options.

Perhaps Reguilon or Tagliafico, but Ajax claim they want £40m for Tagliafico, and he isn't even prem-proven. There could be an opportunity to strike a double-swoop for Onana as well though for a better price.

Personally I want Reguilon...he's an bargain at £22.4m, 23 years old just like Chillwell, and been voted the best left-back in La Liga.

For some reason Frank doesn't want Reguilon and wants Chilwell instead...maybe worried about too many new players "bedding in" to the Prem. If we don't sign one though we play Alonso and either get violated in that area next season, or pigeon-hole our formation options just because of him.

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