This is Accurate [Fixed]

Growing up, my angry, alcoholic father gave me the same advice every time he got home from work. "Don't ever work for someone else." "Find something you love to do and make that your job." He also said really fucked up shit like, "Don't ever have a family, at least not before you are successful." It took me until I was 29 to realize that my values and beliefs weren't entirely my own, and that my father might not be the best guy to take advice from when it comes to happiness.

But before I realized that, I took his advice. I followed my dream and made my first million when I was 25. I haven't had a day-job since I left the one I got right out of high-school. I've been working for myself for 10 years now. Lots of ups and downs. I certainly see truth in the OP's image amongst my successful friends, but I personally love inspirational follow-your-dreams type quotes.

There is a whole lot of negativity out there in the world, and a lot of it comes from one's own self. In my nearly 30 years, I've had some harsh lessons as a "dreamer." My current thinking is that being naively optimistic is an incredibly beneficial trait as long as one also has a firm grasp of reality. Without naive optimism, dreamers probably wouldn't dream about the really big or difficult problems. Without the appropriate dash of practical reality, those dreams can destroy you financially.

But back to posting quotes, I love quotes in general. I'll post just about any quote, comic, or meaningful image that rings true to me. I posted them to my timeline when I was poor and I posted them to my timeline when I was well-off.

My timeline is a reflection of what I like and what I believe. I post to it honestly, almost like a journal, because I love looking back each year and seeing how I saw myself, how I wanted others to see me, and how that has changed over time.

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