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Well since you bothered to stalk my comment history, I'll explain my discuss some of my reddit subscriptions and my disgust for the SJW type.

I'm very much into comedy and satire. Those two passions go hand in hand with a value for freedom of words and thoughts.

The whole SJW trend, political correctness, and censorship in general, directly oppose these firm values.

I'm subscribed to /r/imgoingtohellforthis because I see it as blatant anti-censorship by going against the social pressure of not offending people. I get offended by people that choose to get offended and make a big deal about being offended. They think they're better than everyone else and don't deserve to be ridiculed. That's not right. Some people laugh when I say that, but then other times, it seems the whole world agrees (see: Je Suis Charlie movement). I also like to see posts that might offend me. I like to put my money where my mouth is so part of being subscribed to that subreddit is to find jokes that might offend me and see if I can still practice what I preach. To this day, I've yet to find a single post that has made me change my views. If anything, I'm even more grounded into my hatred of being offended because I've seen how easy it is to appreciate the humor and good in things that might upset me.

/r/tumblrinaction is pretty self-explanatory. I have to put up with SJW types all the time and it gets under my skin because I can't ever say anything or risk social stigma. Seeing other people who feel the same way as I do makes me feel like I'm not crazy and alone in this. It's better I take my aggression out in that subreddit than risk saying something on Facebook.

Libertarians tend to value freedom without the government telling you how to live your life. I don't agree with many perceived-libertarian views, but I do think like a libertarian in many other regards, hence the subscription. I think it's valuable to see how self-described libertarians think to see where we are similar and how we differ. Most people I know tend to either think in the dichotomy of democrat vs republican. It's rare for me to actually see a third viewpoint, hence the subscription. I don't need to subscribe to /r/politics or any other mainstream liberal or conservative subreddit because I already hear those views on the regular from mainstream news outlets and in every day life.

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