Acne + Dating - Thoughts?

I started dating my current partner over 6 years ago. At first I would wear make up all the time, which made my acne even worse, but I could still cover it up again (I was caught in a vicious circle). I had really bad bacne and would never wear backless shirts or dresses and I would make sure I was always laying on my back or facing him when we were in bed and I would panic a lot if he insisted on keeping the light on.

One day, my mother started noticing how bad my acne was on my face and told me to stop wearing make up, at least for a while, and to go to a dermatologist to start treating my skin. It was a very hard period in my life, I was in my late teens, already super self concious about everything and I felt as if my world was falling apart just because I wasn't allowed to wear foundation.

Needless to say, when I went over to his house that day he and his mother started saying comments such as "You look really tired today", "Did you sleep well?", "I have a really good cream for this", etc. This obviously crushed me. I know they weren't trying to hurt me, but I cried as soon as I came home. However, this also gave me a lot of motivation to start having (not necessarily strict) but a regular skin routine. I stopped wearing make up altogether, I didn't really enjoy it in the first place and everytime his mother would say "You look very tired today, did you sleep well?", I'd just say "Yes, this is just how my face looks". Comments like those haven't stopped, but hey, I find it funny now how predictable it is and how after 6 years I still looked tired to her almost every day.

As to my bacne, somehow my partner is completely oblivious about it, and he really does not care about it (neither about the acne in my face, but I've slowly learnt to deal with that). Sometimes I really feel horrible about it and when I tell him he says it's really not that bad, which sometimes frustrates me cause he's belittling my problem, but other times it assures me that it is not a big deal, that I can live with it. I've learnt that everyone has insecurities but people around you really don't care about them (whether it is acne, cellulite, weight, etc).

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