[Acne] Patch Testing Products & Ingredients Best Practices

I’ve tried enough failed products to know that any type of heat on my skin means ditch it immediately. Thus, I patch test on my upper lip and breathe on myself and if it feels hot, I don’t try it again (I know this sounds so weird but it works for me). Products that potentially work for me make my skin feel cool.

Once a product passes my “heat” test, I’ll patch test half my face for a week and/or my neck/chest. My skin is very quick to react so I usually can tell by day 2 or 3 whether or not I should continue.

This above method is what works for me and may not work at all for others! I have highly reactive skin and it took me forever to figure my skin out. The first year of my skincare journey was a wreck!

As for comedogenic ratings, I don’t pay any attention to them. My skin is reactive to “safe” ingredients and does fine with high rated ones so for me, it’s a crapshoot. If you do want to check, cosdna is a good source to see ingredient lists and their respective comedogenic/safety ratings.

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