ACS October-12-2020: Megyn Kelly

Adam pulled out all the stops flirting in his aspergerian/adolescent way. He truly never says a kind word about the mother of his children/wife. When he was inquiring about Megyn Kelly’s first marriage breaking up, it seemed like he was looking for some sort of validation about his feelings on the dissolution of his own marriage. It was also quite grotesque when he would repeatedly make classically misogynistic observations (men are practical, women are emotional) but then punctuate them with the disclaimer that he’s not being perjorative. Fortunately, Megyn is well-trained in responding to such comments in a way that doesn’t shatter the male ego thanks to her time at Fox News. She agrees with all of it. Fox News also taught her never to turn down a man, always flirt back a little so he won’t be angry. His effusive compliments of her appearance came off a bit desperate. Lynette would probably feel a bit betrayed by his behavior in this interview if she hadn’t presumably checked out long ago. In any case, Megyn Kelly will always be the “Santa is white” woman.

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