Active duty military, what are a few things you hate about your current command?

I'm out now, but what I hated about my command was when they fired all our PLs who were former enlisted/not academy grads and put academy grads in their place.

Former enlisted officers are the best officers for a multitude of different reasons, especially if they're former NCOs. Academy grads are the most closed-minded motherfuckers I've ever met. They're incapable of thinking outside of the box. Not to mention petty as fuck.

After our battalion commander did that, the respective companies within the battalion all went to shit for a couple different reasons.

Firstly, They replaced experienced leadership (had been on prior deployments) with inexperienced young butter bars who were incapable of thinking of critical thinking and were more concerned with pomp and ceremony than knowing how to be effective fighters.

Secondly, before this happened, our NCOs were held in very high regard by other officers. After that NCOs were constantly told to shut up and quit interjecting in training. I didn't realize you could learn more in a classroom about warfare than you ever could by actually being deployed multiple times for years on end. That's sarcasm by the way, and if you don't get it, you may be a West Pointer.

Third, they wouldn't hesitate to throw an enlisted soldier under the bus for behavioral issues. Normally I wouldn't have a problem with this, because it's the standard to crucify a soldier for behavior problems. Ex: If an enlisted soldier/NCO got a DUI, they're done, finished. But if an officer got one, it was swept under the rug. We even had an officer get busted for soliciting prostitution and nothing came of it.

Lastly, and this kind of ties into my second point, but when we deployed they would deny us CAS (close air support). Now what I mean by that is that if we would say we needed it, they would say we didn't despite not being there to see and experience what we were and tell us not to be afraid of a fight. It would be one thing if we actually made the call and another unit in contact had priority over us or it just wasn't possible, but they would totally deny us the opportunity to attempt it and we lost people as a result of it. If we're pinned down and taking fire from all sides, we fuckin' need CAS.

Story time, and then I'll end my rant. I happened to hear one of our fuckhead PLs talking to our CO about how he wished he'd lose more men to make his memoirs more interesting. I wish I were joking. Bottom line, to some officers (at least the officers I had on my last deployment) if you are not a college grad, you are entirely expendable, you are the lowest of the low. They will fuck you over in a heartbeat if it means they'll get a promotion or an award.

One more story, and I swear I'm done. One time a machine gun position was running dangerous low on ammo (defensive position at an OP, we weren't out on patrol in this instance) and we came under heavy fire. Nobody had to tell me, I grabbed a couple ammo cans and ran to their position under fire. I didn't do anything heroic (honestly, I had a decent amount of defilade), I just did my job, exactly what was expected of me and my PL put himself in for a Bronze Star for that shit claiming he commanded me to do it. He didn't get a Bronze Star, but he got an ARCOM w/ V for it and he didn't do jack shit. That really rubbed me the wrong way.

That being said, I have had some great officers that I respected the hell out of. But the one thing they all had in common was that they acknowledged the experience and intelligence of their NCOs, genuinely cared for their lower enlisted guys, and were open to advice. I have not met one academy grad who was like that. But I have had great officers who weren't prior enlisted, but they were great for all those aforementioned reasons.

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