Activision Blizzard employees denounce corporate statements: 'We are here, angry, and not so easily silenced'

"The nail that sticks up gets hammered down."

Protesting and going to the media as an individual often doesn't work out the way one might hope, and regularly such cases lead to immense personal repercussions, as the corporation strikes back against the whistleblower using whatever (barely) legal means at their disposal. A couple of probable outcomes for the whistleblower:

  • Get fired (potentially losing certain benefits such as healthcare or pension);
  • Get blacklisted from the industry;
  • Get shunned by people (humans as a species don't like snitches);
  • The media reneges on their promise to keep you anonymous;
  • Fail to make any discernable difference;
  • Get in a personal downward spiral that ruins the rest of your life.
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