Activision Blizzard Sued By California Over ‘Frat Boy’ Culture

This is disgusting I feel so bad for the women who grew up playing Blizzard games then went to work in this culture.

Let's write the fake PR apology that they'll intro at the next Blizzcon.

"We know we've let you down, especially our female fans and employees. The actions of a few employees we're emboldened by a culture of silence from management which lead to women being mistreated harassed and abused at Blizzard BY Blizzard employees. looks up to camera And for that we're deeply sorry. Today we're outlining our 10 point plan to change blizzard culture"

annoymouse hotline for harassment WITH FOLLOW UPS Mentoring fund for women to help other women at Blizzard Top to bottom culture shift change guided by an outside equity management group a donation to girls who code a specific percentage of management will be women AND a smaller percentage will be WOC

What am I missing?

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