Activision-Blizzard's Management = SCUM

You can substitute Activision-Bllizzard’s a with IBM, and with the acceptation of being afraid of alligators, the play remains the same.

Each manager that does not protest this craziness is as bad as the IBM board officers and Chief what ever officer Ginni. Only they see no extra money. Just their job.. So basically they are destroying life’s for free. I seem to remember Ted Bundy enjoying his job as well. He too terminated employees after F##king them over first. I know this may cross the line for Some, but it does drive the point home.

IBM is the master of deception. It’s not to long a go when ginni spoke about doing your best and driving inclusion, while at the same time terminating United States veterans. These are the same veterans making sure ginni had some protective quality of LIFE. THANK YOU for that Ginni.

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