Activision and EA among most overpaid CEO's in US, by making over 300 times more than what their employees make on average. Holy shit.

That's not how salary works. You get paid based upon how valuable you are t the organization, which is generally created by you either having a rare skill-set and/or bringing value to the company/product.

Cardiologists, on average, make $512,000 per year, your average McDonalds workers makes about $17,800 per year. Is it because Cardiologists work 29x harder than McDonald's employees? No, it's because very, very, very few people can be Cardiologists, while almost everyone can be trained to work at McDonalds.

Likewise, Julio Jones signed a 5-year, $71 million contract (that's a whopping 800x what your average Mickey D's worker makes). It's not because he works 800 times harder, it's because only a handful of people on the planet can do what he does.

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