Activision says Black Ops 2 engagement has risen to over 11 million monthly average users

im not blaming it all on ghosts you twit, im saying ghosts had an effect on AWs sales that it is too any sensible person acceptable. just because you liked ghosts and i had a hunch about that, idc rarely, what you're saying is just wrong.

On one hand, you say the decline in sales from BO2 to Ghosts has nothing to do with BO2.

i didnt say anything about this and what decline ffs? im replying to someone who talked about sales being significantly down. that isnt the case from bo2 to ghosts.....

mw3 ---> bo2. the scene peaked in mw3 we're not likely to top that game because those were the glory days of cod. it was the end of the modern warfare story and we came of a great game in bo1. i dont even think there was a significant drop off after mw3 either, just that the sales for bo2 were less because the franchise peaked in the game before.

youve given a lot of your own opinions which you can believe whatever you want, but youre trying to tell me im wrong with nothing but what you personally experience. and your putting words in my mouth and arguing with things i havent said. its got nothing to do with you buying games because "i play games till they get stale", it is fact that people have been turned off buying the cod games because theyve been let down with the game prior. ghosts was awful and you dont need to look around for long to find that people have been put off buying the next game because of their experience with the last one. I didnt blame any dev on the complete failure of a game, so dont put words in my mouth. i said its a part of why sales have gone down, "AW did however suffer because of ghosts". it did its sales suffered because of ghosts, did I say thats the only reason why? no i did not. pointless argument here

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