So Activision has secretly added Loot Boxes to BO4. It is now a $60 game, with a $50 season pass, that also has a battle pass you can buy tiers on, direct purchases in game, and now supply drops. Seriously, stop buying Activision’s Games people.

“Big pharma” is a predatory practice. A $60 video game that does not go up in price but charges you for cosmetics is nothing compared to a 1000% price hike in diabetic medication. That’s ridiculous at best. Whales are what support these practices. They always will. If 90% of people spend $0 but 10% spend $1,000 or more on cosmetics, they’re going to continue with loot boxes. The consumer wants these things. Look at Fortnite. It’s free but they charge $10 a season plus a shit load of money for other things. Call of Duty games never drop in price because people buy them for years and years. Even BO3 is still $50. Quit being a victim because you’re a “gamer” and if you don’t like the product, don’t buy the product. Unlike insulin.

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