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I'm Danish, most of us joke about it likely being the US. It's no big deal.

The reality is that it was probably Russia though. There is no real motive for it other than they are assholes.

Growing up with Russia as your neighbour sort of gets you used to it. When I grew up, you'd hear our fighter jets a few times each month because they were scrambled every time Russia violates our air space. They don't actually want to fly over residential areas if they can help it mind you, so it wasn't every time, only when the weather made it safer or whatever it was.

Then there have been all the submarines going through our waters, that they can legally sail through but don't because they want to be sneaky, or whatever... Sailing into our bridges, or sinking and then Russia denying they've sunk until it's too late to save the people on board.

Or my personal favorite. How Russia practices nuclear bomb runs every time we have a "folkemøde" on the island of Bornholm. It's basically a democracy festival, where all our top politicians and media people go to 3-5 day festival with the public.

And so on.

Basically Russia is just shit and have always been, and if they thought blowing up their own shit might get us to blame the US or the Ukraine then I wouldn't put it past them.

I'm sure the Russianbots in here will do a lot of what aboutism, but Russia bombed their own fucking citizens to justify the war with Chechnya. Even though they didn't really have to because nobody gave a shit if Russia invaded Chechnya except for Chechnya.

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