Activist who helped expose Steubenville rape of a minor facing 16 years in prison. The two convicted rapists served 10 months and 22 months.

Am I taking crazy pills here? Deric Lostutter may call himself an activist, and even be considered one by many, but at the end of the day he committed two counts of felony hacking as well as obstruction of justice for denying his involvement in the hacking to the police. Also, intentions matter. Mr. Lostutter wasn't aware of the rape when he perpetrated the hack on the Steubenville high school site as there was no evidence of a crime at that point. What happened to that girl was atrocious and the boys very likely did deserve longer sentences. But the rapists were both underage, it is highly unusual for two 16 year old's to be given long prison sentences. Ma'lik Richmond was released early from his 12 month sentence for good behavior. Trent Mays stayed in a Juvenile facility until he was 18 as he was found guilty of true delinquincy, which is the highest level of a guilt a minor can be considered to have. There is a reason vigilante-ism is illegal. Due process is a cornerstone of democracy even when it's unpopular.


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