Actor George Hamilton with friends, St. Tropez, France, 1977

Wow. Id love to hear the stories from the women. How much they were paid, did they sleep all his friends, did they eventually become mistresses or wives to european men or hollywood men, or just turn 25 and disappear?

A little gossip about Jack…

I know one of his girlfriends from that time, during the Anjelica/Rebecca crossover and though he was a lovely sidepiece, he was a bit of a grouch when he drank complaining about how he lost Anjelica bc he cheated on her… but like, is this even cheating… cheating is a few affairs… his life was an orgy, with concurrent affairs going on, mostly with people Anjelica knew, and then he didnt even take a break when he went on vacation with her. My friend was screwing him while he was on vacation with Anjelica and fucking Rebecca on the side… so Anjelica had really just chewed her own limbs off to get away. It was one thing to let a player play when he was off in Cannes, but he couldnt really be respectful of her for like 3 days on a vacation and this was late 80s. A-list white men like this, just dont have an empathy bone in their body for women. He had lost his Im sure in 1972 if he ever had one. He could be, like all his buddies, sadistic, controlling, dismissive, and then start up with the lovebombing comeback. Calculating. Anjelica’s father was a big piece of shit in the same way. She loved his daughter. This was very much a family to her. And Jack used all of this like a motherfucker. Never a wife, always the suffering, humiliated girlfriend. She could never just sit with him and not see him calculating who he had fucked, who he hadnt fucked… but she had no power in the industry as his girl and Huston’s daughter and Huston loved him. One shit guy loving another.

Men at that level are just so indulged. Coke every minute. Fucking everything every minute. He was actually a disciplined actor and my friend always wondered what he would be like if he respected women just a tiny bit as much as he respected directors or the craft of acting… cause he was such a con artist, you saw this kindness and potential, but you had to know, he could be your best friend one night and then you’d never hear from him again. She knew from what he did to Anjelica not to take any kind words from him seriously. The women in the industry, though they all loved him, and had all fucked him, had applauded Anjelica for walking out on him. She said it was the silent applause heard round Hollywood. People dont know what a risk that was. The industry was not kind to her. Jack was a bit of a benevolent mob boss… no one wanted to displease him. She’d been lied to like a wife for over a decade, but she never reaped the benefits. When Rebecca dumped him, people were happy too but she dates horrible men bc if u hook up with Jack at 23, ur not going to move to men of substance.

As for my friend, she just stopped answering his calls. He always 6 regulars and girls he paid, models who partied with him and such. He got the message. They say hello every now and then.

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