actual footage of joe going to get more dmt

Agree. I don't enjoy all the podcasts (who does), but I can recognize that there has been put thought into topics of discussion, what guests to have on and how to move the conversation along to make it interesting.

It looks easy, but probably takes a lot of work and experience to be able to make most 2-3 hour long podcasts interesting. I can certainly respect that.

Also persistence, probably one of the most important qualities for any form of success just sticking to it while you grow and learn along the way. He's been doing this for almost two decades now I believe (before youtube even) and probably never thought about the end goal being some $100 mill deal, but rather being interested in the medium and carving out his own platform for creative freedom.

He did say in an interview something about how making that fear factor money made it possible for him to do that, and that's another point that speaks to the other side a little. How we do early on and what tracks we get on early in life matters a lot, much more than some might like to think.

There are truths to being positive, working hard and looking for opportunities. At the same time, if you start your life with massive amounts of debt or get caught in the prison system early on then you can read that Jordan Peterson book and make your bed all you want and it likely wont make that much of a difference.

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