Actually it is about... spreading racist rumours on Twitter

The Ayy-Team already confirmed they were behind this, BuzzFeed posted a milquetoast disclaimer that the "mercenaries of the enforcement branch of GamerGate" (at this point they're making fun of the likes of you for believing such drivel by pushing Poe's Law to the limit) admitted they lied about the whole thing about their goals. That they just tried to swindle everyone, news media in general, GGers and aGGers.

But only aGGers seem to have missed the memo at this point.

Believing in false flags by X by mere mention from places like Gawker of all places , but dismissing claims of false flags to smear X as baseless conspiracy? I think there's a term for that: cognitive dissonance.

Wait, actually that article actually never mentions GamerGate, only links to a different article that does as a native advertisement, it seems almost more believable that this subreddit is actually a GG front to slander the opposition by making them look like complete idiots.

This goat has been scaped to incomprehensible levels at this point. It's now the "Thanks, Obama" for sourceless echo chambers that keep tricking each other with this telephone experiment of rumors either baseless or long since debunked.

For goodness sake, it's a GamerGate logo with a swastika on it trying to pretend to be a "hood" black guy. Ayy-Team barely is competent enough to be considered a script kiddie group, but even they would be smart enough to simply make a new twitter account with a remotely more convincing avatar if their actual goal was trying to make people believe they were young black looters.

It's painfully obvious that this wasn't an actual "GamerGate" operation even before the confessions.

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