Adam Driver lets Star Wars secrets slip in the latest GQ

There’s very little chance that the quote is spoiling anything, in my eyes:

• this is a preview for next month’s issue of GQ. As in, we have zero context for what precedes or immediately follows his “slip”; he could have clarified who he was talking about, or it being a metaphor, right there. Any quote can be taken out of context to make a huge headline: Adam Driver being on the cover of GQ makes this no accident. This is, I think, blatantly falsely advertising the content of the interview.

• we recently heard that Rian Johnson sat down with Lucasfilm last *year*** about what could and couldn’t be involved in the film’s promotion (which would include this). If Disney/LFL didn’t want it getting out, do you think it really would?

• Adam Driver would be under NDA, and a slip-up like this wouldn’t lose him his career, but it could lose him a lot of trust in Hollywood.

• if GQ ran a story with a potentially huge spoiler like this without Disney/LFL’s consent, I’m positive that the latter would take steps to go about ensuring that their stars don’t engage with this magazine in the future when actively participating in the making of/promoting of their films, which would be an undeniably huge loss for GQ, all things considered.

I think context is very important for something like this, and the fact that we have zero context here should be sending some alarm bells ringing. I won’t be surprised at all when the full interview is released and it’s preceded or followed by some clarification; this is what the journalistic side of the entertainment industry is now.

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