Adam Driver on the Prequels

Yeesh. Just for the record, I'm a cyber systems admin who joined to have a chance to move out of my hometown and finish my degree without drowning in debt. I work 8-5 at a desk with a cup of coffee. I've never met a single person in my entire career who joined "for the chance to kill someone or because they think CoD is real life."

The vast, vast majority of the armed forces are made up of people who had no/few other options. It's guaranteed work, guaranteed tuition, and gets tons of people out of a shitty home situation. Whether that be poor kids, kids with family issues, or just kids who fucked up young and wanted to get their life on some semblence of a decent path. Sure it's not the only way but it's where plenty of people end up, and it's almost never their "plan A." The military is much more of a federal jobs program than it is the ruthless killer training you seem to think it is.

Anyway, I guess the point is the vast majority of us aren't "brainwashed idiots," we're mostly just people who were down on our luck and needed a fresh chance at a career.

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