Adam Jensen vs JC Denton vs Motoko Kusanagi

The three cyborgs stared at each other, they did not know how they arrived at the warehouse, however they knew that only one of them would leave. Jensen immediately opted for a divisive move that would quickly end these seemingly unaugmented people. He quickly kneeled and activated his Typhoon system, knowing that it would be over soon.

JC Denton glanced at the kneeling man with his peripherals, making sure he kept his eyes on the purple haired woman, he knew that while Jensen would be no threat with his old mechanical augmentations, he could detect something strange about Kusanagi, although she had no visible augmentations, something about her seemed dangerous.

Immediately after the explosive packed balls left Adam’s body they detonated, JC briefly glanced in pity as Jensen was instantly killed by his own weapon. Denton’s Aggressive Defence System activated the moment the Typhoon’s balls were launched, JC’s body launched an uncountable number of nanobots in the direction of the explosives; soon they found the balls and quickly wormed their way inside the explosives, detonating them.

JC and Motoko Kusanagi continued to stare each other down, “what is she waiting for?” JC thought, Denton knew he couldn’t afford to wait and see what her move was when he had no idea what she was. JC activated his cloaking system, the Major followed suit. JC had dealt with invisible enemies before and quickly activated his night vision, seeing nothing he switched to infravision. He could see traces of heat but could not pin down the woman’s exact location, cautiously keeping an eye on his energy levels he switched on his sonar systems.

Kusanagi was slowly moving along the edge of the warehouse, scanning for sound, movement, shadows, anything that would give away the pale man’s position. She detected an relatively high amount of noise coming from above her, her rifle already drawn she side stepped while rotating her head and barrel upwards to the noise. Although you would not be able to tell, the major was surprised to see a teardrop shaped metal object dive bombing towards her. She did not hesitate in pulling the trigger, placing a bullet inside the object.

The drone, aware of the damage it sustained, opted for a premature EMP detonation. JC saw waves of electricity arc from the drone. He saw the purple haired woman appear after her dermal camouflage failed and, assuming that her other systems were now offline fired a single shot at her head. Kusanagi returned a single shot, the sound of metal hitting metal rang out as the two bullets collided. While a normal person would be dumbstruck by this insanely unlikely turn of events, Denton was not phased, he let loose five more bullets towards different vital organs. The Major returned five bullets in kind, five more clangs rang out as the bullets collided mid-air.

JC had no time to process the implications of this demonstration of power as he drew his unbreakable, impossibly sharp, glowing sword made entirely out of nano machines. He activated the artificial myofibrils in his legs, allowing him to reach incredible speeds, as he was bearing down on the woman he felt a strange sensation as his legs stopped moving, he could no long feel or move them. As he began to fall he felt his fingers let go of his sword, he came to a stop on the ground and he saw that purple haired woman walking towards him, his eyes fizzled for a moment then turned to black. He felt a series of rapid pangs in his heart that stopped as quickly as they started, he heard the woman quietly say “partially organic heart huh?”

Motoko placed the souls of her boots on the pale man’s shoulders as she gripped the base of his head, around his throat and jaw. She gave a gentle tug, nothing happened, she gave a hard tug, nothing. She braced herself as she turned off her pain receptors, she told her arms to pull and her legs to push as hard as they can while ignoring damage warnings. While pulling the Major was also exploring the pale man’s systems, she found an active system called Microfarad Muscles, the moment she deactivated it she found herself propelled by her own legs away from the now decapitated body, the man’s head in her arms, sunglasses still attached. Before she hit the ground she thought to herself “I’m done here, two bodies for autopsy”, a voice in her head replied “evac en route”.

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